Our first app! TiltKazoo

TiltKazoo allows you to play your iPhone or iPod Touch like a kazoo! Blow into the mic to create kazoo-like sounds, then tilt your device to select the notes you want to hear. You can choose from Major, Minor or Blues scales and learn to play simple tunes in no time at all. Entertain and annoy everyone around you and become a virtuoso TiltKazoo soloist!

Note: iPod Touch owners need an external mic accessory (e.g. an iPod Touch headset) in order to use TiltKazoo




Area52 & iPhone

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with a highly skilled Mac and iPhone developer; Cormac Daly. This now gives Area52 an outlet for mobile app ideas and expands the range of innovation one step further. We are currently working on 3 new apps, and hope to have our first app submitted to the Apple App Store within a few weeks. We’ll be using this blog to release our apps, and give news on any updates or projects in the pipeline.

Cormac is a software professional with a substantial background in the production of commercial Cocoa-based applications, primarily using the Objective-C and C++ languages. He has a demonstrable record of delivering quality products for Mac OS X to demanding deadlines, and of working adeptly at all stages of the development lifecycle. He is proficient in the conception and implementation of cutting-edge, creative software products, in both team-based and solo environments.

In other words, we are very glad to have him on-board!